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If you've got a little bit of yard space, green lawn and you have a garden you want to add to, a little gazebo can go well with the landscape. It doesn't have to be a huge pavilion that gets turned into a big outdoor kitchen or theater to stand out; it could just be a little one-person shelter that looks good with a garden or that compliments a swimming pool.

How You Could Build An Outdoor Gazebo Using Car Title Loans In Winnetka, IL

There are gazebo kits you can buy that don't cost that much, yet building one could add a lot of value to your home. If you're interested in adding a miniature building to your Chicago home but are a little short on savings, car title loans in Winnetka, IL are a great idea to use.

Why Use Car Title Loans In Winnetka Over Home Equity Loans Or LOCs?

Your first thought when you considered borrowing money to make this addition to your home was to use a home equity loan or line of credit (LOC). There's nothing wrong with going that route if it's completely necessary, but if you're already paying off a mortgage, taking out this loan can prolong those payments.

There's often a minimum amount you have to borrow, and possibly even penalty fees if you pay it off too early. With car title loans in Winnetka, IL, there's much less hassle and paperwork involved, and these loans are for smaller amounts for a much shorter term.

They actually are like home equity loans in a sense because they are also secured loans, but they're loans borrowed against a vehicle instead of against a home. With title loans in Illinois, you have the following advantages:

1. Quicker approval and funds transferred to you in a short time

2. No penalty for paying them off early

3. Use the funds for anything you want

You might be reading these wonderful things about title loans and wonder what the catch is. There are laws about them in Illinois that both borrowers and lenders have to follow, but many of these are common sense measures.

Applicable Laws For Car Title Loans In Winnetka, IL

Illinois has its own laws for car title loans, and they do differ from laws on the books that other states have. But they generally are pretty easy to understand, and here's a few of them that you should know:

1. Like all other states that allow title loans, you must be at least 18 years old to borrow money against your vehicle

2. You'll get 30 days to repay a title loan

3. While the amount you can borrow will vary based on your vehicle and its condition, you cannot borrow any more than $4,000

4. Once you've paid off a car title loan entirely, you must wait at least 15 days before you can take out another one. If you've just paid off a payday loan, you also have to wait 15 days from paying off that to taking out a title loan.

The main reason these laws are in place is to prevent consumers from taking out too many short-term loans at once and getting in trouble. You should also always check to make sure the lender offering car title loans in Winnetka is licensed to operate in the state of Illinois so that you know for sure you're dealing with a reputable lender.

Final Things To Know About Using Your Vehicle For Title Loans

The vehicle you use for car title loans in Chicago doesn't have to be the main car you drive; you could use a pickup truck, an RV or even a motorcycle if you have one. But you will need to have the title to that vehicle, and it must be in your name and have no liens so that the lender can hold it.

Your vehicle will need to be inspected before the funds can be released, but once that's done you can bring it back home with you. What we do in our online title loan application is give you an estimate for your title loan based on your vehicle information, then contact you to setup an appointment at our Chicago store, remind you to bring the appropriate documents, and it's straightforward from there.

Visit our FAQ page if you have any more questions.

Car Title Loans in Illinois

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