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Title Loans in Homewood, IL

One of the most practical ways to get a loan these days is using your equity in your car as collateral for a loan. That’s right; you can secure a title loan using the title to your vehicle. You’ll get the cash you need in just a day.

You don’t even have to explain why you want a loan. Title loans in Homewood are often the perfect financial solution for homeowners, renters and small businesses to get cash now rather than waiting on a bank to approve a loan weeks from now. Additionally, the car title loan process is much easier and less stressful for the applicant.

If you have the clear title to a working SUV, car, truck or motorcycle, you could be looking at a nice loan amount with an affordable payment plan. Just imagine how good it will feel to pay off some bills, make a household purchase or take care of some badly needed repairs.

How Do You Figure Loan Offers for Title Loans Homewood?

The first thing we’ll do with the information you give us in your application is to locate the current market value of your car to learn what it is worth. This gives us a general idea of your loan offer. We also take into account the amount of money you have for making payments.

Borrowers with newer vehicles in the best condition usually receive the highest loan offers worth thousands. Folks that own older vehicles may receive offers worth several hundred dollars.

How Are Title Loans Homewood Secured?

Cook County Title Loans uses the title to your vehicle to secure a Chicago title loan. We simply attach a lien against the title when the loan is being closed, which remains there until you make the final payment on your loan. The lien is then removed from the title, and the document is returned to the client.

Where Do You Apply for an Auto Title Loan?

You can choose to apply for title loans in Homewood at any one of our local stores in the vicinity, over the telephone with a loan representative or online.

Where Are Online Title Loans Closed?

Online title loans need to be closed at one of our nearby stores, so you can receive and sign an agreement. You will also be asked to bring along your driver’s license to prove you meet the age requirement of 18 and the paper vehicle title to your auto, so the loan can be secured.

What Is the Difference Between a Clear Title and One With a Lien on It?

Most vehicle titles have a box or a location on the document, which will clearly state the name of a lien holder if there is one. If there is a lien holder listed, it means another company, bank or credit union has an interest in the vehicle. An empty box indicates there are no other parties with a lien against the vehicle.

To qualify for title loans in Homewood, Cook County Title Loans will require a lien free title.

What Are the Advantages of Taking out a Car Title Loan?

  • No restrictions for automobile use.
  • Our short application can be completed in a matter of minutes because it only requires your name, a phone number and your home zip code. We also need to know the make, year, model, style and an estimate of your mileage.
  • Cash in 24 hours from title loans in Homewood.
  • Convenient loan store locations.
  • No pre-payment penalties when paying off early.

Get the cash you’re looking for now with title loans in Homewood, Illinois.

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