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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide you with a fast, pleasant service that's focused on helping you get the value of your motor vehicle in an automobile title loan.We give you quick and top quality service that will offer you an automobile equity loan on the value of the car you have the title to. We offer vehicle title loans on any vehicle which you have the title to and we give attention to offering you the best and speediest service. Our vision is to get you your cash just as quickly as we can so we strive to approve you fairly quickly.We are all about rapid service so there is no doubt we will approve you as quickly as possible.

Q: Do you phone the references I provide you with and my company, as well?
A: We need to call your references and company so that we can verify the accuracy of the information on your application. We respect your privacy and we will not share the character of the call with anyone so that we can safeguard your personal data. It is vital to us that you feel secure in doing business with us.
Q: What do I have to do now that I'm pre-approved?
A: Now we go on to the next thing and one of our customer support representatives calls your phone to help you through the rest of the process. An underwriter works with us and personally evaluates your loan application to provide you with the best auto title loan alternative.
Q: What is the process for me to get accepted for a no credit check vehicle title loan?
A: The straightforward answer is that you may apply right here on this web site that we supply for your convenience. We also allow you to call us up on the telephone so you can speak with one of our staff. You're also welcome to come in and make contact with a customer care agent in person to have your loan authorized at any one of our many IL locations.
Q: Why's obtaining a no credit vehicle title loan through your company the best idea?
A: Most of our customers select us since our interest rates are the least expensive in the state of IL. Our competitors can charge up to 25-30% in interest alone for the loan you can get through them and that just isn't good if you want money fast. These companies want the loan repaid within 30 to 90 days and that can be extremely difficult to do. We offer you up to a year to settle your no credit check car title loan when you do business with us.
Q: What if I want to pay off my fast money car title loan in less than a year?
A: You could pay back the loan just as quickly as you feel comfortable doing. There will be no pre-payment penalty fee if you wish to pay off your loan quicker. You have got the right to pay your loan down more quickly and we do not believe in penalizing people with fees for that.

Q: When is Chicago Car Title Loans available for business?

A: We are truly open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days per week all year through. We provide you service through this internet site or over the phone if you need to call us or you may also come to one of our handy locations throughout the state of IL. Our company may help you any time, day or night, so be sure you get in touch if we are able to help you out with a fast cash automobile title loan.
Q: Once I'm totally approved where do I go to get my money?
A: Just get down to any of our 400 areas across IL and you are able to pick up your money. We could also wire the money to your banking account with an electronic funds transfer to make it easier for you. You get to pick the way you wish to receive your cash and we're happy to do it the way you want it.
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